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Laura Casey Interiors

Tags: Interior design charlotte nc , Interior Designers Charlotte NC , Interior decorator charlotte nc

(704) 333-6523

Last Updated:
May 12th, 2019

Laura Casey Interiors (LCI) is a high-end residential and commercial interior design firm. LCI was established in New York City in 2003 and has been based out of Charlotte, NC since 2007. Laura Casey and her design team work with architects, builders...
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4101 Foxcroft Road

Charlotte, NC 28211

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

Tags: Water Damage Charlotte

(704) 810-2303

Last Updated:
March 20th, 2019

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte is a family owned and operated business with 25 years in the restoration business. We offer mold testing, mold remediation, fire damage repair and restoration, water damage cleanup and restoration and other emergency relat...
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2128 Remount Rd Suite B

Charlotte, NC 28208

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

Tags: Water Damage Charlotte

(704) 810-2303

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte is a family owned and operated business with 25 years in the restoration business. We offer mold testing, mold remediation, fire damage repair and restoration, water damage cleanup and restoration and other emergency relat...
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1235-E East Blvd Ste E-254

Charlotte, NC 28203

LawnStarter Lawn Care Service

Tags: Charlotte Lawn Care

(704) 325-8717

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

LawnStarter makes lawn care easy for homeowners. Our end-to-end platform connects customers with highly skilled, professionally vetted lawn care services to take the hassle out of lawn maintenance. LawnStarter delivers a high quality, efficient exper...
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2720 South Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28209

Water Damage Restore Charlotte

Tags: water damage Charlotte

(704) 326-7358

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

Water Damage Restore Charlotte is here for all your emergency restorations. Many homeowners in Charlotte who have been flooded or burnt are tempted to do the restoration work themselves, either because of budget constraints or lack of a proper insura...
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Charlotte, NC 28210

Charlotte Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaning

Tags: Carpet Cleaning

(980) 349-6335

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

At Charlotte CleanPro we count with the newest technology, with our Ion Exchange process not only will your carpets be cleaner than ever, you will have dry carpets in an average of 1-2 hours.
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317 boyce rd

Charlotte, NC 28211

Garage Doors Repair Wizard Charlotte

Tags: Garage Builder

(704) 504-7830

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

We offer expert garage door repair and installation services in Charlotte, NC. Call us for all your garage door needs.
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8823 University E Dr #200

Charlotte, NC 28213

Charles In Charge Heating and Air

Tags: Air conditioning

(704) 333-0601

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

Charles In Charge Heating and Air was founded in 2001 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a fully equipped and licensed Heating and Air Conditioning repair and installation company that prides ourselves in providing great service. Our technicians ar...
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1219 Mount Holly Huntersville Rd

Charlotte, NC 28214

Labor Panes Window Cleaning

Tags: window cleaning

(704) 219-2129

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

Want to refresh the look of the exterior of your home? Pressure washing, window and gutter cleanings can make a huge difference. Let the professionals at Labor Panes Window Cleaning brighten the look of your home. We offer a Soft Touch Pressure Washi...
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2316 Crownpoint Executive Dr

Charlotte, NC 28227

Byron York Painting

Tags: Painter

(704) 562-4689

Last Updated:
November 30th, 2018

Byron York Painting is here to offer you high-quality service! We enjoy the work we do, and more importantly, we enjoy the satisfied expressions we receive from our happy customers. Our team of professionals are comprised of only the best painters an...
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1801 Dallas Ave

Charlotte, NC 28205

How to Hire a Contractor in Charlotte NC You Can Trust

Hiring a home contractor in Charlotte NC can be nerve-racking. This is especially true if it's a specialized project where you don't have the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship. While there is always a chance that you can get ripped off, the good news is that most Charlotte contractors out there are honest people that care about providing good service. Here are the things to look for to make sure that the contractor you choose fits that description.

Licensed in Charlotte NC

Depending on the type of work to be performed and your location, a home contractor may or may not be required to be licensed. However, most cities and states do require or at least allow businesses to register their names with the state and local government. If a license or other registration is required, not using a contractor that hasn't complied with the requirement is a no brainer. Even if it isn't required, being able to confirm the identity of a contractor and having a way to track them down if something goes wrong is definitely beneficial.

Bonded in Charlotte NC

A bond is an amount of money deposited with a NC or Charlotte agency to provide a source of funds to pay claims against a contractor. Like with licensing, bonds may or may not be required depending on the type or work and local laws. Bonding does provide a huge layer of protection because if a contractor performs poorly or doesn't complete the job, there is a guaranteed source of money to recover from. While you can always sue in court with or without a bond, a contractor who has gone out of business or disappeared without finishing the job is practically impossible to recover from if no bond was posted.

Insured in Charlotte NC

Accidents happen to even the best Charlotte contractors, and could include workers getting hurt, injuries to neighbors or people walking by your property, or property damage to a neighbor's or your own home or vehicles. Depending on the circumstances, your homeowner's policy may or may not cover the damages. If it does, you will still likely be out of the deductible and face a premium increase. A good contractor will be insured so that they can take full responsibility for any damages that arise out of mishaps during their work.

Price Quotes

Price quotes are less black and white. A good Charlotte contractor will often be reluctant to provide a firm quote for a complex project over the phone because your home's layout or other factors can greatly affect what it will take to complete the project. To best get a feel for whether a contractor is being honest, ask questions about what could affect the price, what materials are needed, and how much time they expect the project to take. Talk to several contractors before choosing.

Depending on the nature of the project, some contractors will only give a firm quote after a home visit. They may charge a small fee for the visit because providing a good quote can be time-consuming. Don't skip a contractor who won't provide a free estimate unless you know there are several contractors in the area who do make it a standard practice to provide free estimates for similar work.

Once your quotes are in, be wary of choosing the low bidder. A slightly competitive price may be good, but if it low balls the other quotes by a lot, there is a good chance that you will receive poor work or have the contractor later trying to charge you additional fees.


Always get your price quote in writing before any work begins. A good contract should include the project deadline, whether materials are covered, what happens if expected costs change, a specific description of the work to be performed, and what happens if the work is late or unsatisfactory. A good contractor will want a good contract because it ensures they are on the same page as the customer so that they can provide good service, and it also protects them from customers who fail to pay or raise frivolous disputes.

References in Charlotte NC

Always check references -- both online and offline. The best way to find a good Charlotte contractor is to ask your friends and neighbors if they recommend anyone. Good contractors often get most of their business by word of mouth. When you search online, the main thing you're looking for is a string of complaints about a contractor. This is the most common reason people leave online reviews.

Positive online reviews are less useful because people are less likely to make time to leave them, they can easily be faked, and sites such as Angie's List may even require the Charlotte contractor to pay before they are posted. If you didn't get any personal recommendations and the online feedback about a contractor is at least neutral, the best thing to do is to ask them for references you can contact and doing the rest of the due diligence outlined above.