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Leading Grand Rapids Electric

Tags new development wiring

2153 Wealthy St SE Suite 172

Grand Rapids, MI 49506

(616) 202-3717

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Leading Grand Rapids Electric website is intended to connect the community to local services provided by our local business. It is a resource enabling the consumer to gain information on the services or goods they need. Customers can learn about both residential and commercial electrical services. Residential services include general rewiring for home remodeling, installation of wiring in newly constructed homes, installation/maintenance of generators, solar panel installation, consultation, and estimates. Commercial services include photovoltaic installation, maintenance/repair of electrical systems, new development wiring, consultation and estimates. The site makes it possible for prospective customers to connect in a number of ways. The first method of communication is through telephone, with plenty of phone number locations throughout the page. The second method of communication is through the contact form posted on various pages in the website. These contact forms allow for the consumer to submit information that may help the business assess their current situation. This information includes name, address, phone number, email address and type of service needed. The third method of communication is through email, which can be found on the pages throughout the site. The response time of our technicians is usually within the hour, at latest 24 hours after receipt. The fourth method of contact is through mailing address, which can also be found on several pages throughout the site. The site was designed by a local web development agency and they have far exceeded our expectations. The site was developed under a strategic plan laid out by Leading Grand Rapids Electric and our development agency, according to our goals and customer base. We were given the freedom to select, under guidance of the creative director, our site/page layout, and what would be of most benefit to our business. The color scheme of the site was selected in accordance with our branding. We did understand, on a surface level, how our color scheme could be applied throughout the website, but were advised to combine the colors in a strategic method to appeal to consumers and place emphasis on the user experience.

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Tags new development wiring

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