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6119 Greenville Ave #519

Dallas, TX 75206

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Wine lovers know that the best place to store their wine bottles at is not inside of a refrigerator nor a wine box. The perfect storage space for your vintages is a wine cellar with the right balance in temperature and humidity. Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Being exposed to it for too long causes oxidation, leaving wine with an unpleasant taste and smell. In order to avoid this, your wine cellar should be in tip-top condition to keep your wine collection from spoilage. Are you sure that your wine cellar is serving it's purpose? Are you thinking about having your own wine cellar? If you are, don't think twice and call the experts at Wine Cellar Specialists! We are master wine cellar builders here in Dallas, Texas. Since 2010, we have been manufacturing some of the best and award winning custom wine cellars for residential home owners and commercial businesses nationwide. Our services include wine cellar refrigeration systems, custom metal wine racks, custom wooden wine racks, wine cellar doors, flooring for wine cellars, wine cellar art and more! Check out our website at to see a gallery of our previous wine cellar projects and to know more of our expertise. Thinking custom work will cost you more? Never worry as our personnel are trained to plan each project with precision from start to finish, making sure there are no unforeseen and unnecessary expenses. No matter the size of your storage space, we can make your dream wine cellar come true. Call us today at 972-454-0480 to get your custom wine cellar project started with a free consultation and your own 3D design!

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